SNL Woods Sdn. Bhd.

Company Profile

SNL WOODS was initially established in 1963. In order to adapt and cope with the global market changes, SNL WOODS had developed downstream wood-based production and transformed it operation to become an expert laminated scantling and Finger Jointed moudling manufacturer. The founder and advisor who have more than 45 years of experiences in timber industry together with strong work ethic, smart management driven and sound business principles were successfully lead the company move toward international market and SNL WOODS has now grown to become one of the leading Laminated Scantling manufacturer In Malaysia. Quality consistency is one of the key factor enable SNL WOODS products such as laminated Scantling, Door Jamb, Mouldings products exporting to Singpore, China, Australia, UAE as well as European countries (German, Italy, France, Belgium and Poland).